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The Roman poet Ennius used the name Africa for the first time for the territory of Carthage and the eastern group of the Atlas. Etymologically the word «Africa» may originate from the name of the great Berber tribe, the Aourigha (pronounced afriga), nowadays Aouraghen.


Surface:                       30.328 m square km   (second continent in size)

Sub-Sahara Africa:      24.265 m square km

Population:                  1,369 bn (~17% of the global population) (2020) (worldometers.info)

Sub-Sahara Africa:      1,076 bn (2020) (UNFPA)

Languages:                  1’500 – 2’000

   African Union: Arabic, French, English, Portugese

54 states  (without the Democratic Arabic Republic Sahara und the Republic Somaliland)